Friday, 02 Oct. 2015, 8:00 PM - Saturday, 03. Oct. 8:00 AM (GMT+9)/ Network Performance /  Wolfgang in der Wiesche with   Alice Park, Sungsuk Suk, Sarangerel Suhbaatar, Anima Singh

HAVE NO WORDS is to explore the power/subversive power of art. The International participants will join the network group conference and on air live workshop. For 12hours they will see each other on their screens and listen to surrounding noise and sounds, but they will not talk. The way the participants perform and celebrate keeping silent is up to them and their technical possibilities. The performance is to celebrate the idea of international networking and cooperation in art projects. It is to establish the connection visually and in thought, reflexion and contemplation rather than in exchanging ideas through language and talk. Keeping silent face to face publicly for many hours means communicating by defying communication with spoken language, it may lead to unexpected action, ideas and response.


Saturday, 03 Oct. 2015, 7PM (GMT+9)/Concert / Gil Hizon & Ground Zero Band


GROUND ZERO consists of migrant's members with different jobs in Korea.





Sunday,04 Oct. 2015, 8PM (GMT+9)/ Network Performance / Anima Singh with Alice Park, Sungsuk Suk, Sarangerel Suhbaatar, Wolfgang in der Wiesche

In one place we put TV or Radios and open the news channels. At first news will played and after few minutes later one person came out and makes a movement with that news which is played from TV or Radios. After that all members from performance came out and make a movement or text. And then end of the performance every news will loud and suddenly silent also all the members who perform are posed.



Monday, 05 Oct. 2015, 7PM (GMT+9)/ Network Forum / Anima Singh

TNeF workshop In Nepal, DANCE AND ART Therapy was a 24 hour workshop for the school students which aim to provide mental relief for the kids who experienced the devastated earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April 2015. The earthquake had affected the whole country very badly the reason why most of the schools were not able to open for long time and only few were opened but parents were afraid to send their children because the country was feeling aftershocks continuously.


We divided 24 hours in to two and did one session in Nepal Adarsha Secondary School, which is a local government school in Kathmandu and another session in Bikalpa art center. Nepal Adarsha Secondary School generously supported us by allowing us to conduct our workshop with grade 6 and 7 students. The workshop took place on June 29~July 1 and July 6~8. All the students actively participated the workshop and showed their grate interest on dance and art therapy workshop.


At Bikalpa Art Center, we conducted the workshop every Saturdays for three hours. The workshop took place on 4, 11, 18 July. Though the number of student in Bikalpa Art Center is not as big as in Nepal Adarsha Secondary School, the participants enjoyed and showed their talent on a very high level.


The workshop dealt with earthquake and its effect on people’s life. The participants express their feelings through dance, drama, paintings and crafts. 



Monday, 05 Oct. 2015, 8PM (GMT+9) / Network Performance / AlicePark with Sungsuk Suk, Sarangerel Suhbaatar, Anima Singh, Wolfgang in der Wiesche


What is artists’ labor? If someone asks artists to work for an hour to be paid hourly, what kinds of works that the artists do? Can they create a work within the time? What does labor mean to artists? What is labor? Labor (Arbeit in German) or working means human resources input to earn money through business activities and human beings’ such activities. Kyonh-ju Park will pay KRW 30,000 to networking performers for their work per hour. The participating artists should do works that they think appropriate for KRW 30,000. After the works are done, they should say “I love artistic labor” and submit their results of working. 



Tuesday,06 Oct. 2015, 7PM (GMT+9)/ Network Forum / Sarangerel Suhbaartar


Period: 22nd June ~ 22nd August

Venue: Sara Studio located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Trainer: Sarangerel Suhbaatar (Professor of Theater Department in City University of Mongolia)

Target: 12 students of Ulaanbaatar Middle School (Lots of students applied for the workshop so she had an audition unavoidably to select some students.)

Specialty of the school: Teachers of this Mongolian school teach their students in Korean. The students who had lived in Korea and moved to Mongolia and the students who want to learn Korean as the second foreign language study together in the school. The trainer used both Korean and Mongolian languages during the workshop.

No. of classes: Fifteen two-hour classes

Show title: Magic Bag

Duration: 30 minutes

No. of shows: Total twice


The workshop was carried out in Mongolia under the name of TNeF.  Sarangerel Suhbaatar taught theater and rhythm first and then, she started creating the show with students based on the script that she wrote.



Against the background that main characters write a letter for celebrating the Parents’ Day which exists in Korea but not in Mongolia, the first scene is that Buderru and Toya, two main characters, write a letter to Boono. Buderru is poor but happy since he lives together with all other family members in harmony. On the other hand, Toya is rich but lives only with his mother since the parents divorced. Toya ignores Buderru but Buderru accidently discovers the letter that Toya wrote to his father and delivers letter to Toya’s father so Toya meets his father in decades.


Tuesday, 06 Oct. 2015, 8 PM (GMT+9)/ Network Performance / Sarangerel Suhbaatar with  Wolfgang in der Wiesche, Alice Park, Sungsuk Suk, Anima Singh

She had stayed in Russia for five years to study theater after graduating from a high school in Mongolia and migrated to Korea. She had diverse jobs as a migrant worker and went through lots of difficulties and experiences in Korea for almost 20 years. She missed Mongolia in Russia but went to Korea and missed Mongolia again for a long period of time in Korea. However, after coming back to Mongolia in 20 years, She started missing Korea, which made her be confused. Therefore, she wants to share this experience with other participating artists who might have similar psychological experience.


Wednesday, 07 Oct. 2015, 7:00 PM (GMT+9)/ Object Performance / Rayun Choe

Zola Chair causing self-variation by forgetting its duty!

Zola Chair causing self-variation since it cannot be just a chair any more! A driving shaft of neo-liberalism which runs like being crazy is out of myself(person) and repeats running continuously. Therefore, the artist focuses on the current situation and external environmental factors to make people living in the era of resignation go through self-variation. Therefore, the artist proposes other people to recognize that they go through self-variation, see what they think ‘valuable’ from a different perspective, and move and relocate what they see newly under this object project.


Wednesday, 07 Oct. 2015, 8PM (GMT+9)/ Network Performance / Sungsuk Suk with  Wolfgang in der Wiesche, Alice Park, Anima Singh, Sarangerel Suhbaatar

Switching, the theme of the network performance, is a kind of expansion of connection. During the performance, machines and machines, persons and machines, persons and persons, the east and the west, and the current world and the world 12 hours ago can be connected and then, the unexpected third relational network and the worlds of materials and non-materials will be presented. The props used for the performance “Switching” are Morse signaler of the US official Boy Scouts, car searchlights, collected objects, sounds, and something shared among the artists living 238km, 2,231km, 8,639km far from each other beyond space and time.


Thursday, 08 Oct. 2015, 6 PM (GMT+9)/ Live Performance / Jaeeun Jo

“Mokbang, Eating Show” started to be popular a few years ago in Korea and recently, the shows that star chefs appear overwhelm the public. The scenes that people enjoy eating food or famous chefs’ simple recipes are the hottest issue among the public. The titles of the videos that people enjoy eating become search keywords real time and the videos are shared on different kinds of websites to be tremendously popular.The primitive behavior of enjoying eating foods that people want to eat is popular for some people and a lucrative business for others. It is also a creator’s work.



Thursday, 08 Oct. - Thursday,15 Oct. 2015, every day 11AM-7PM (GMT+9)/

The materials used for this online festival for total six days from the 2nd to the 7th of October and domestic and overseas materials about cultural diversity will be exhibited in the Gallery Dudl. 


Thursday, 15 Oct. 2015, 4 PM-8:10PM (GMT+9)/ Network Party / Nash Ang, Lorna de mateo, Jaewon Jung, Urna Ulanchimeg, Wolfgang in der Wiesche, Mahima Singh, Anima Singh, Alice Park, Sungsuk Suk, Sarangerel Suhbaartar, Rayun Choi, Jaeun Jo

- 4PM-6PM : Film Screening by Nash Ang

- 6:10 PM - 6:30 PM: Dance by Lorna de Mateo & Urna Ulanchimeg

- 6:40 PM - 7PM: Archive Film Screening "TNeF Workshop Nepal"

- 7:10 PM - 8PM: TNeF Artists Online Forum

- 8PM - 8:10 PM: Closing ceremony & Concert "Impossible dream" by Jaewon Jung


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