Wolfgang in der Wiesche


Freelance painter as well as composer of music for experimental film, tv documentary, experimental theatre and performance art, independent projects, radio show host, sound engineering and production management at international jazz and pop festivals.

Anima Singh


Performing artist. She is one of the members in Salad multicultural theater. She received her BFA majoring in dance choreography from Korea national university of arts. She has done so many performances in Korea and Japan.

Gil Hizon


Professional pianist since 2005, he played for Star Cruises and just finished his contract in Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel. He is the composer and arranger for musical plays. He is also the Musical Director and Conductor of the Hyewadong Filipino Catholic Community Choir. He is currently a moderator of the PINOY AKO Art Space in Namgu, Incheon South Korea

Jaeun Jo


Currently living in London and participated in multiple group exhibitions including London Group Open Exhibition (the Cello Factory) and Platform Open Art Exhibition(Morphets of Harrogate)

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Alice Park


Social artist working in diverse fields such as fine art, media art, experimental film, experimental theater, playwriting, photography, and the press. Foolish artist who is at the risk of being bankrupt since she cannot pay herself even though she founded a social enterprise to be a good CEO who pay salary to artists and has operated the enterprise for last ten years.

Sarangerel Suhbaatar


She had played a main character of multiple plays such as ”Eye“, ”Small Angel“, ”Greedy Man“, and ”Helping Women“ as a member of the Mongolian State Children and Younger’s Theater since 1992 and moved to Korea and lived in Korea for almost 20 years. In Korea, she appeared in ”Yeosu, Beginning, Middle, and the End“, ”Ran’s Diary“, and ”Future Story“ as a member of the Theater Salad. She is still a TV and film actress in Mongolia. The major shows that she played a main character are ”Monks’ Tear“, ”Undried Tear of Love“, and ”The Night Before Wedding Day“. Currently, she is a professor of the Theater Department in the City University of Mongolia.

Nash Ang


He is pursuing Masters in Filmmaking, Major in Directing at the Korea National University of Arts. He won the best director award in the 13th Pyongyang International Film Festival 2012 at Pyongyang, North Korea. In TNeF Closing Party he will showing a direct cinema documentary film <Paraiso> that follows the lives of the child who survived the strongest typhoon ever recorded on earth, Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, one month after the tragedy.

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Sungsuk Suk


He has been undertaking the noise project, an experimental project traversing analogue and digital based on photography, film, video, and real time media devices since 1998.  He has worked on analog and digital noise art. His major project is Artist Mobile Communicator_AMC and his major works are ‘Electric Portrait(2002),’ ‘Noise Film_199809 SC (2012),’ and ‘Noise Box-no. 09(2013).’ Currently, he is a professor of the Photography and Motion Picture Department of Kyungil University in Korea.

Rayun choe


Returned Mrs Artist who started painting at first and is doing installation, video works, and performances little by little! Being dreamy since she likes stories and flying into a rage due to social irrationality are well revealed and harmonized in her works.Currently, she is operating Doodle (a non-profit space for exhibitions) in Mulla Art Village, being neighbored with various artists, since she does not like being lonely.

Ground Zero


Vocalists : Belle Ariola and Dennis Mancio

Guitarists: Tvoe Tolentino, Aldrin Tardaquilla and Benjamin Marvive

Bass :  Donnald Yongao

Drummer : Ricky  Olatan

Keyboardist : Gil Hizon


GROUND ZERO consists of migrant's members with different jobs in Korea. They work in factories in Ansan, Incheon, Kasan and Seoul. Their love for music brought them together. They play different genres ranging from Jazz, POP,  to POP Rock.

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